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Urgent Greenwich Foodbank Update

February 2022

Foodbank Video Message:

"Hi Everyone,

Thank you for considering adding this to your already jam packed services.  We truly appreciate it.

If you are able to allocate space in your services to play our video and members of your congregation, or indeed you have any questions here are some basic answers that will get you going:

1) Where can I take my donation?

Our main depot is at Unit 1, 180 Shooters Hill, SE18 3HY and is open Mon - Fri 9 - 5 each week.

2) If we are going to do a donation drive where do we start?

By emailing Greenwich Foodbank at

Our operations team will be able to help you organise pick ups and drop offs.

3) What food do you most need?

See the opening picture (which I encourage you to print. You can use "Snip & Sketch" in Windows to grab it as a jpeg), download the foodbank app or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

4) Can I do an Online Shop?

Yes you can, send it to our depot address to be delivered between 10am and 3pm (We don't ask our staff to stay after work or get in early to wait for delayed deliveries hence the shortened hours)

5) Can I just give money and Greenwich Foodbank buy the food?

Yes you can and we would be very grateful for the money.  We would ask people to consider this option carefully however as there is an inherent cost to Greenwich Foodbank to allocate Operational time in making purchases. "

6) About Greenwich Foodbank:

"In its tenth year Greenwich Foodbank is asking Churches throughout our borough to take a fresh look at donating to the work of Greenwich Foodbank.  

In 2021 we distributed 91602 meals.  In January 2022 alone we distributed over 7000 meals.  With cost of living rising, fuel prices through the roof, the fallout of the reduction of Universal Credit last autumn we are seeing the level of crisis deepen in the lives of those we serve.

Each week Greenwich Foodbank is giving out 1.3 tons more food than it is receiving in donations.  This means that our stock is reducing rapidly each week.

We have always received huge amount of support from local church communities and have been able to maintain a significant witness in our borough by being able to call on your generosity and see instant response.  It's an undeniably beautiful thing that points to the love Jesus has for the very least in our society.

So when we ask you for more food we know that it speaks to your hearts, because we know that like us at Greenwich Foodbank, our churches won't let this issue slide without taking action. It is a Spiritual impossibility that Jesus will let the vulnerable go unloved and unfed while His Gospel is preached in this borough.

So thank you for everything so far. And thank you in advance for everything we already know God will do through you in the coming weeks.

Do an online shop for us

Send us some money so that we can buy more food

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to find out more

If you have any questions get in touch via


CEO Greenwich Foodbank


Greenwich Foodbank Limited,

Company No. 8257431, Registered Charity No. 1152007.

Add us to your address book: